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Playing Sandwiches
January 9, 2012, 14:36
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Since there isn’t really a place for it in my portfolio, I thought I’d upload this animation here.

This is a piece I created in 2010 called Playing Sandwiches and illustrates the Alan Bennet monologue of the same name. The voice is by David Haig and is taken directly from Alan Bennet’s Talking Heads television series.

Aside from that, the animation is all by me, drawn with a brush and black ink on 350 sheets of A5 paper! The grey texture was created using big, dirty splashes of watered-down ink.

In other news, you can read my new comic for younger readers, Rock-Bocking and I’m working on completing my graphic novel Breaker’s End, as well as several other projects which I will post more about when the time seems appropriate.

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Cheers. I guess it’s the shakiness of the animation that makes it Don Hertzfeldt-y. Not intentional, I can assure you, I’m just not a very experienced animator! This is pretty much the only animation I’ve ever done.

The voice is amazing. The whole monologue is amazing. This is obviously just a tiny part of it, but Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads – I don’t know if you’ve heard of it – but it’s awesome. I basically had to choose a section from that series and animate over it for a uni project.

And thanks for the compliment! I don’t how I draw like that. I wasn’t really trying with this, I was honestly just slapping that ink down hell-for-leather, not trying to get any style of finesse in there, just because I knew I had about a week to draw 350-odd images. Maybe I should draw that carelessly more often!

I guess everyone sees qualities they like in other people’s work that they don’t see in their own. I like the fun skritchy-scratchiness you draw with. Do you know of Quentin Blake? Your work looks like it took influence from him.

Comment by corbanwilkin

I adore Quentin Blake and grew up on Dahl. So, thank you for the biggest compliment I’ve ever received.

I’ve only just started getting really into drawing comics. It’s hard as hell! I’m supremely jealous of people that can make everything look good. Kinda like you. :)

You studied animation? That rules!

What other animators you into? Or comic artists?

Comment by melipari12

Hey, we should be pen-pals or something! Here’s my facebook:

Comment by melipari12

No I studied illustration. It’s just that within that we did a bit of animation. I did actually do two others earlier in the course, but they’re a bit crummy-looking by this point.

So that being said, I’m not actually super-interested in animators, but I really like David O’Reilly (although he does 3D), Lev Yilmaz (though I don’t know if what he does counts as animation), and all of the 2D Disney films (lame, I know).

As for comic artists. Too many to bother listing, but my top influence is Craig Thompson. How about you (aside from Quentin Blake, of course)?

I don’t use Facebook, I’m afraid.

Why did you decide to start drawing comics, by the way? Are you insane?

Comment by corbanwilkin

I was about to say your stuff looks like Thompson’s! His artwork is crazy beautiful. I wasn’t really too into Blankets’ story. I think it might’ve been the length. :)

Man, for animation, I sleep with Bill Plympton. His stories are so disgusting, and they’re paired up with cute animals and colors. Him and Richard Williams.

I don’t know if I can call him an influence… but I love Lautrec. You know that part in Midnight in Paris where they go back to the late 1890s? That’d be a dream. Chill with Cassat and Lautrec.

Comic art is another puppy. I love Moebius. And Tatsumi and Satrapi and Speigelman and Clowes. Schulz.

Dr. Seuss. Hands down. Steadman too. And Shel Silverstein.

Shit, you got me started!

Who else are you into? :) Any other influences?

I like making jokes, I guess that’s why I do them.
Plus, I like them?

When did you start getting into comics?

Comment by melipari12

Seuss, Steadman and Silverstein are all great.

Dan Clowes is a big influence on me, especially his book Ice Haven if you’ve read that. One of my favourite graphic novels.

Well I started getting in to comics mainly after reading Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud when I was sixteen. I’d been drawing for a while and it was just like ‘this is what I want to do!’ I’d never really considered doing comics seriously before that. But then I read Maus, Black Hole by Charles Burns, Epileptic by David B, and Fun Home by Alison Bechdel in quick succession, and in the space of about a month comics became an obsession.

I guess my favourite cartoonists aside from Craig Thompson are Seth, Chris Ware, Adrian Tomine, Will Eisner, Alex Robinson, Nate Powell, Jillian Tamaki, and even though he doesn’t do strips, just political cartoons and illustration, my earliest influence was Chris Riddell. He’s still awesome.

Also; prog rock.

Woosh. Enough about me. So are you planning to do some full-on comic strips? Or are you sticking to the single panel cartoons? Like are you planning any big projects or anything?

Oh yeah, gotta love Charles Schulz, too. Have you ever heard that amazing quote from him? He said this about cartooning: ”It will destroy you. It will break your heart.”

What an awesome guy.

Comment by corbanwilkin

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