Corban Wilkin: Illustrator

February 16, 2012, 16:41
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I think even if I was drawing from life twenty-four hours a day I wouldn’t feel as though I was doing enough of it. It’s so easy to neglect sketching and yet it is the main way in which one enhances one’s ability to draw. It’s the only real way to learn how to draw new things. It seems to be a bitter pill to swallow for people new to drawing that you haven’t a hope in hell of becoming adept unless you go out and actually look at the things you aim to draw. If you’re not doing it every day, you need to ask yourself why not (usually it’s a mixture of laziness and forgetfulness).

One of my strongest desires is to get better at drawing, and I know that to continue life drawing is the way to do so. So to all artists, including myself; never forget to draw from life!

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