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Pre-order Breaker’s End, the graphic novel, at Kickstarter now!
July 22, 2013, 20:53
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The Kickstarter to fund the printing of my graphic novel Breaker’s End has now begun.

It’s only £10 (or around $18 for US residents) to get a copy of the complete 200-page book, so what are you waiting for? Read chapter one here.

Breaker’s End is about an ageing couple who live their lives in a tent in a dingy forest somewhere in England. Chloe sells paintings and seashells for a bit of money. Isaac wiles away his days playing a tuneless upright piano someone dumped in the forest years before. It’s miserable, but it’s the only life they know. But then the government passes a bill authorising the sale of England’s remaining forests to private interests, and the simple little life they’ve managed to eke out is split apart…

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I went to back the book and discovered the backing period had ended and that you were -sadly- unsuccessful. What are the plans for the book now? It looks wonderful.

Comment by fletcherski

Hi fletcherski. Sorry for taking so long to reply. Plans for full publication of Breaker’s End have been put on hiatus. I’m actually not really intending on putting it out now, not yet at least, and focusing on a couple of new projects instead. However, I do have a small stack of copies of the book and if you’d like to buy one, contact me through my email: and I’d be happy to post one out to you.


Comment by corbanwilkin

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