Corban Wilkin: Illustrator

Feeling Nostalgic
February 21, 2019, 16:56
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Do you have any idea how big of a deal rap is in Poland?

It’s a huge deal. It’s practically Poland’s second national religion.

And for the obvious reason of not speaking the language, almost none of us in the English-speaking world have listened to any of it. But it’s like its own whole world of rap, with different styles, sensibilities, and lyrical themes to most rap coming out of the US or the UK.

Case in point: KaCe, who’s finally dropped his debut EP: Nostalgia.

Hip hop isn’t something my own art style would usually go with, but KaCe’s music is not your typical mainstream hip hop. The tracks are about a difficult personal journey and of finding the strength to leave behind the wreckage of the past, and the emotional beats on this album, combined with deeply personal lyrics, called for some iconic but grimy cover art with that kind of emotionally-charged storytelling feeling that you can get from illustration.

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